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Who we are

We won't write the same crap you see on every "About Us" page just how it is, who we are and what we do.


Our guys are not cowboys, they are Renegades because we do things differently at a price that is completley tansparent and genuinely fair for the work carried out.

Quick background - Renegade Mobile Mechanics was founded because we saw a need.

Working at a main garages we constantly came across people who struggled with the prices or outright couldn't afford normal garage prices let alone afford to take the day off work midweek to have repairs carried out in normal garage hours: 9-5.

We are going to be doing things our way and we honestly hope that our take on this hits the spot for you.

Our objective is simple provide an affordably priced service that comes to your door at a time thats convenient to you.


We truly are mobile mechanics covering all of Leigh, Atherton and surrounding areas. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming news, local & national partnerships and ongoing offers on our socials (all links below). 

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